About Me

My Background And The Type Of Counselling I Can Offer You

As a qualified therapist, I hold a Bsc (Hons) degree in Systemic Counselling from The Family Institute at University of South Wales. I am currently counselling in Cardiff for The Breathe Project- a mental health organisation and 2 Wish Upon a Star- a sudden child loss bereavement charity, alongside my private work.

My way of working includes looking at what your anxieties, behaviours and values mean to you and the role they play in your life. Together we can identify the root causes of your struggles, along with where your personal responsibility and power lies. 

Systemic counselling does not focus on a diagnosis or labels of mental illness, only what it means to you and the part it plays within your life. How much of your low mood is a response to lived experiences?

This type of therapy looks to identify and work on the unhealthy patterns within your interactions in your relationships (your systems).

If your life is feeling unmanageable, or you are struggling with trauma, grief, anxiety or depression I can offer you a safe space to break it down and review the role you play within your own life.

Liz Brotherton- Systemic Counsellor Bsc (Hons), MBACP

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